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Our Community and Global Outreach Team is comprised of several outreach ministries:

Community Outreach plans or assists with Community Hymn Sings, Festivals, etc. and assists with Seminars/Workshops aimed at the community. They also assist with local evangelism and gospel events, are aware of mission trip opportunities or arranges mission trips, and provides information on current missions occurring world-wide.

Community Services are involved in local community charities and services such as School Lunch Program, FCSS, Food Bank, Sunshine Bands, Welcome Wagon, and more.

Bags of Love provides homemade cloth bags stuffed with quilts and many other necessities to be given out to foster children removed from their homes for the first time. To read more about this incredible project, click HERE.

ADRA Reps provide information and updates on one of the most successful global emergency relief agencies. Click HERE for more information.

Religious Liberty Reps host the Religious Liberty Sabbath once a year and provides information and updates on the branch of the Adventist Church that fights to protect the religious freedom of all people. Click HERE for more information.